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strike that could be coming to teachers in the windy city. a police officer killed in the president's motorcade. remembering yeardly love, more on how notre dame prep is honoring the student. those stories straight ahead. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. as u getting ready and the kids are heading to the school bus stop, you want to know what they have in stow. over to lynette charles. cool weather, 62 stevensville, the dew points, cool and dry, nice and crisp out there, this
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morning. don't forget the jacket. 57 degrees now in buoy, dew point coming in at 52. arnold 58 degrees. 52 dew point. we should be at 60 for this time of the year. as we look at the most powerful radar, we are dry. staying that way as we go through the rest of this afternoon and days on end. looking at the hour by hour forecast for you, here it is, ample sunshine in the forecast. pleasant by lunchtime, coming in around 74 degrees. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. good morning, perfect football weather. if you are heading to mt bank stadium. email your purple pride pictures to pix at no problems on the harrisburg expressway. shawan everything up to speed. 22 minute ride from the maryland, pennsylvania state line to 695.
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as we pull up other drive times, beltway, also going to be in great shape, 11 minute ride from 95 up to 83. west side, 695, nice and clear, looking at an 11 minute ride as well. traveling the outer loop from 795, towards 95. third largest school district in the country, today kids won't be at school. teachers in chicago will be on the picket lines after contract negotiations broke down. charley crowson with more on what this means. >> this has been going on for months, will they, won't they strike? it appears we may have an answer. tens of thousands of teachers and support staff set to go on strike at 7:30. the president says it was not able to agree to a contract with officials over pay and other matters, the district had offered the teachers a 16% pay raise during the next four years. the mayor of chicago says the proposal offered was fair.
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>> i'm disappointed that we have come to this point, given that all the other partys acknowledge how close we are. this is a strike of choice. because of how close we are, it is a strike that is unnecessary. i believe the partys at hand should do what they need to do to do right by our children. >> the sides have been talking for months, also there was speculation last week that emmanuel cut his trip short to return home to continue negotiations. oh officials plan to feed and monitor the students. this is the first time in 25 years, teachers walked off the job in the city of chicago. this is a story that's going to have legs for many days to come. brand new field has been dedicated to yeardly love. the lacrosse player went to school here, before she was killed by her ex-boyfriend.
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linda so is live with more on how she was honored. this new field, what does it mean for the school. >> not only a topnotch brand new turf fields but leave as lasting legacy of her passion and dedication for sports and now, helping bringing up a new generation of athletes at ndp. her moe and sister were here to dedicate the field. this project took 18 months of planning, and $1.2 million in donations by the one love foundation, and the bower foundation. love played lacrosse and field hockey behind the buildings before going in to uba before she was killed by an ex boyfriend days before she was to dwraj wait. -- graduate. >> the field is a great tribute to yard's sports brought out her memorable characteristics. her fun loving personality,
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dedication, loyalty, and compassion for others, whether on her team or not. >> reporter: yeardly love's mother and sister say they will attends the games played on the field and this month, plan to take message to a national audience. they are set to appear on the show katie, which airs here on abc 2 at 4:00 p.m. live in towson, linda so, abc2 news. news around the nation. a veteran florida police officer in president barack obama's motorcade was killed. a pickup truck hit the officer, hit the motorcycle, pushing him in to a guardrail. he was traveling ahead of the motorcade. the officer was preparing to close access to the highway when the accident happened. president obama sent condolences the officer's family. thank goodness no one was outside, metal landing in a seattle neighborhood. it was the size of a
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refrigerator. neighbors heard a crash friday. this is all part of an airplane. according to the faa the metal is part of a landing gear door from a 767. they are not sure where it came from. 12-year-old boy is called a hero after steering his family to safety. his dad was having a seizure while driving on a busy road. patrick knew his family was in danger and he had to do something and grabbed the wheel from his father to save their lives. the boy from massachusetts says his father started showing signs of a seizure with his special needs sister in the backseat. >> i pulled it to the side, i turned the key off, i tried to put it in park. i took the phone out of his pocket and called 911. >> police say patrick had
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helped samantha out of the backseat, put her somewhere safely. his mother talked to him previously on what to do if something happened in the car. a dangerous turn, a boat overturns. >> we will tell you about the rescue that followed. g their own are wonderful
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a beautiful sight over eastern russian city. a big reception in honor of apeck economy leaders and this huge light show was put on following the dinner in their honor. pretty incredible stuff lighting up the sky. time for a check of the forecast. back over the lynette. great for a fireworks display this weekend. >> on sunday, stellar. if you want to do your fire display, this week, do it. this morning, as you step out to the bus stop, it's going to
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be on the cool side with the temperature coming in around 60 degrees. in to the afternoon, nice, warming up nicely, although the 77 degrees i'm forecasting is a little bit below average. after you get off school, maybe you are going to head out to the football game. here is the forecast for you as we will see kickoff at 7:00, playing the bangles, nice and comfortable with the winds north, 5-10 miles per hour. temperature in at 69 degrees. get out and enjoy it. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, if you are heading in heading in to the city, no delays now. several athletes, olympians, will be honored a at the amphitheater at 4:00, it's a free event. expect a lot of congestion downtown. we have the ravens game at 7:00, mt bank stadium, packed, right now, it will be nice and clear. here is a live look at 95, fort mc henry tunnel. no delays, harbor, going to be
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sherrie johnson is live talking to fans about everything that's going on tonight. imagine people are excited. >> yes. fans are very excited. we are live in towson, outside of this dunkin donuts. grabbing folks, folks are pumped up about the game tonight. the ravens, take on the bangles, at 7:00 tonight at mt bank stadium. the ravens are dedicating the season to art model, a former ravens owner and the man who brought football back to baltimore. honored tonight in a pregame ceremony. the ravens could face the biggest challenge, 8 of 16 games, ravens are 27-5 at home during regular season. this is the second best record in the entire nfl. we caught up with some of the ravens fans. here is what they have to say about the game. >> they come out to the first
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ravens game, it's going to be the opening game. she will enjoy all the moments of tonight's game. >> it's going to be explosive this year. i see joe and tory looking up quite a bit. i think we are going to pass for 4000 yards this year. >> are you excited? >> very excited. this is the year for us. >> all right. as you can sees fans are very excited. kickoff, 7:00 tonight at mt bank stadium. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 19 people are safe and on solid ground. a boat overturned. the group was on a brag gone boat which sits a number of people. it's a paddle size, oversized canoe. it's not clear why it overturned. if you were supposed to participate in the mudder event
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in frederick, you may have never made it. it was bump and bump traffic, parking was a nightmare for the thousands who tried to go to take part. they are obstacle courses in the mud. they are all over the world and social media. posters called this one an absolute disaster. it was canceled cited flooding and inconsistent support from authorities. the traffic volume was too high and not enough parking. you can email about possible refund or transfer. after an 11 year battle with the federal government they could recognize people who live near ground zero as well as rescue and recovery worker whose sifted through the toxic rubble got cancer as a result. the institute for occupational safety and health is expected to announce the findings as early as today.
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there is scientific evidence that dust linked the respiratory illness and 50 different types of cancer. the regulations would allow cancer victims to be compensated for the work they did at ground zero. september 11th memorial and museum at the world trade center is an awesome spectacular site that basically moved and inspired 4.5 million visitors in the first year. all the magnificence comes to a jaw dropping price tag. the foundation that runs the memorial, estimates that once the roughly $700 million project is complete, it's going to cost $60 million a year to operate. the national parker is vis budgeted $3.6 million for monument including the u.s. u.s. arizona memorial at pearl harbor. it's not something that happens often, rarely ever in new york. >> people are still cleaning up from a tornado that touched down close to the city.
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>> this is near new york, capture bade reporter. it hit a neighborhood in queens saturday, started out as a water spout and churned on shore, turning in to a full fledged tornado. it knocked down power lines and trees causing structural damage to buildings. we have talked about this before, every time we show the video of water spouts, you say this can be the result. >> exactly. the water spouts and once it moves over land it becomes a tornado. we had a tornado warning for arundel county on saturday as well. it was doppler indicated. nothing at the ground. definitely good news there. better news for today. because it's absolutely gorgeous. we are on the cool side this morning, don't leave the house without your jacket. low to mid-50s manchester and stevenson, 60s stephensville and tillman, edgewood, 57, bel air 57 degrees this morning. the reason why temperatures are able to drop off, is because we have a clear sky, we had the
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powerful cold front move through, bringing in drier air as well. now through friday, high pressure building in across the area. we are going to have a fall feel outside. get out and enjoy it. get out and play a little tennis, golf, hooky, you didn't hear it from me. to the tropics, we see michael and leslie, leslie pushing up in to new fin land. 77 degrees today. as we go through this evening, clear, cool and crisp and tomorrow some kind of wonder wfl the temperature at 77 degrees. the seven-day forecast as we have the ravens tonight and orioles the next three days. the weather is going to be spectacular. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook.
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perfect weather for the games. best of luck to the ravens and orioles. tough loss last night. if you are using 95, traffic is picking up along the northbound lanes approaching the fort mc henry. here is a live look at the west side, wilkins avenue. you are looking at an 11 minute ride from 795s down towards 95. pulling up other drive times, the rest of the beltway in great shape. the stretch 11 minutes and 83 in great shape. 11 minutes from 695, downtown to east fayette street. today is the day we have been telling you about. the premier of katie couric's new talk show. if you would like to see a sneak preview, head to we will give you a look at what going on. tune in at 4:00 to watch katie.
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first guest jessica simpson and watch abc2 news at 5:00 and 6:00, with jamie costello and kelly swoope. 6 siblings found a place to call their own. >> introducing you to brothers and sisters treated like royalty in their new home. what does fall smell like? head north, to someplace pristine like acadia national park. there is nothing like the parks this time of year. the falling leaves, the crisp air, the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick.
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six otters found a new home at six flags great adventure in jersey. >> check out these six brothers and sisters. first introduced to their new pool. it's inside the safari discovery area of great adventure, visitors will be able to see them. >> they are like kids in that they are very playful. they will play with anything. >> these guys and girls need to be bottle fed. they were six weeks old when they arrived. they are sleeping through the night, trainers were bringing them home for overnight feedings, but they are adapting well. >> i think they could get away with what've they wanted.
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